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Personalized human biobots with the power to heal. Unconventional forms of intelligence outside of the brain as an engine for drug discovery. Bioelectricity to diagnose and treat cancer. Sound astonishing? It is. But that’s what we do.

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Therapeutic Healing with Human Biobots

Anthrobots, Inc.

Anthrobots are cellular robots made from human tracheal cells without genetic modification. Programmable and personalized to each individual patient, anthrobots are empowered to seek out damaged tissue and perform therapeutic tasks, such as reconnecting neurons at the site of neuronal breakage.

Anthrobots represent a completely new modality to develop treatments for diseases that function unlike any of the currently available methods, such as biologics, small molecules, or cellular therapies. Anthrobots have been shown to mediate highly complex therapeutic functions, such as seeking out and healing damaged neurons. This is impossible with current FDA-approved products.

Based on the research of Dr. Michael Levin, anthrobots have the potential to provide other highly complex therapeutic functions that the company will develop and pursue for clinical trials. It is rare for a completely new platform technology to be introduced with medical applications. Such platforms include RNA-based vaccines and T-cell therapies.

Overcoming Drug Resistance

Cellja Vu is a drug development company delivering disruptive solutions for a broken pharma R&D/drug development system that currently wastes enormous amounts of time and money.

It’s not uncommon for drugs to stop working over time, or in medical terms to become “resistant” – especially so with antibiotics, cancer drugs, and drugs for mental disorders.

Based on Dr. Michael Levin’s research, Cellja Vu takes the perspective that drug resistance is a form of cellular memory, which can be reversed using other drugs, causing cells to forget prior experiences and therefore remain responsive to drugs. Cellja Vu provides a powerful and highly translatable platform for novel drug discovery that can enable faster timelines to FDA approval and ultimately more patient lives saved.


Feeding The Pipeline

Plans For Our Next 3 Companies

Cancer Normalization

All cells and tissues have a measurable bioelectric signature. In tumors, we can identify unique signatures that are different than human tissues. These can be manipulated to diagnose and treat cancer.

Rare Disease Platform

Our cellular intelligence platform for drug discovery drives discovery of treatments that can rapidly advance to clinical trials, and identifies FDA approved compounds that accelerate clinical trials while minimizing the cost of IND-enabling work. Since most rare diseases result from mutations, our ability to manipulate bioelectricity enables us to discover drugs that provide benefit without addressing the underlying mutations in these patients.

Aging and Longevity

Aging and related diseases are associated with changes in bioelectric signalling that can be targeted by ion channel drugs to reverse fundamental aspects of the aging process.